“Outlook and Opportunities of Food Technology

and Culinary for Tourism Industry”

15th – 18th October 2019, Bali – Indonesia

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Greetings from the Chairman of Organizing Committee for the 16th ASEAN Food Conferences

Bali has been known to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia. In 2017, Bali contributed to five out of the total 14 million tourists recorded. From the varied tourist activites, eating has been a popular one. In addition, the government also intends to increase attractiveness of Bali by promoting it for the gastronomy its offers. Bali local cuisine along with foods influenced by other ethnic groups in Indonesia and also fusion of Indonesian and foreign cultures presents a clever combination of many fresh produces and spices, denoting the abundant biodiversity of Indonesia. In 2012, Bali was reported as a province with the fifth largest number of restaurants at moderate and large size. We expect to see rise in the number when the gastronomy promotion strategy has been implemented. In order to help the government, we intend to adopt the topic as AFC 2019 theme.

AFC 2019 should act as a platform for idea and experience exchange in the field of food tourism industry. Many countries in Southeast Asia have been known for its distinct and appealing culinary experience. Many Southeast Asian foods have been popular woldwide, for instance pho from Vietnam, chicken adobo from Philippines, and papaya salad from Thailand. The foods mentioned are only a few from the many that have attracted visitors. Emunerating them shoud require maximum effort. By proposing the theme of food tourism in AFC, we expect to learn a lot from other countries or areas in Indonesia on how to boost our food tourism sector. It should benefit other provinces and countries as well.

The responsibility as Organizing Committee for AFC 2019 is given to University of Udayana. This university is among the top universities in Eastern Indonesian Territory. Previously, this university has organized many international or national events, namely United Nations Model, Management Workshop on the SMART CITY 2018 Partnership and Monev, and et cetera. We believe given the necessary supports are available, we will be able to hold AFC 2019 to achieve its intended targets.

We hope that you or your institution will kindly contribute to the success of the event. Any forms of assistance will be highly appreciated.

-Prof. Dr. Nyoman Semadi Antara-

Invited Speaker

Prof. Dr Aman Wirakartakusumah

Prof. Dr Aman Wirakartakusumah

IUFoST, Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia

Prof. Dr Mary K. Schimdl

Prof. Dr Mary K. Schimdl

IUFoST President, University of Minnesota, USA

Prof. Dr, Kenji Sato

Prof. Dr, Kenji Sato

Kyoto University, Japan

Dr. Hans Marvin

Dr. Hans Marvin

RIKILT Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

Prof. Rijkelt Beumer

Prof. Rijkelt Beumer

RIKLT Wageningen University and Research, Institute of Food Safety, Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Weibiao Zhou

Prof. Dr. Weibiao Zhou

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Dr. Made S. Utama

Prof. Dr. Made S. Utama

Udayana Community Development Program, Udayana University, Indonesia

Dr. Koh Yew Ming

Dr. Koh Yew Ming

AMIC, MJMM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Teresa Crespo

Dr. Teresa Crespo

iBET – Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica, Portugal

Date and Venue

We are pleased to announce the 16th ASEAN Food Conference 2019, which be held in Bali, Indonesia. We invite scientists, technologists, professionals, students, stakeholders in the food industry and other related industries, food business owners and managers, and those who are interested in food science and technology to participate in this learning and discussing platform that will feature the latest research topics, results, innovations, and applications in the region.

Join us in Indonesia be a part of The Biggest Food Conference in South East Asia.

Date of Event: 15 – 18 October 2019 Venue: Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur – Bali, Indonesia

Technical Sessions

The technical session is divided into 6 sub-themes/topics:

– Food Processing

– Food Microbiology and Fermentation

– Post-Harvest Technology

– Health and Nutrition

– Food Engineering and Packaging

– Food Safety, Culinary, and Halal Foods

– Food Management, Distribution, and Regulation.


  • ASEAN Committee of Science & Technology (ASEAN COST-INDONESIA)
  • Indonesia Association of Food Technologist (IAFT/PATPI)
  • IAFT Bali Chapter has been appointed as the secretariat of AFC-2019


  • Federation of the Institutes on Food Science & Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA)
  • Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University
  • Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
  • SEAFAST Center IPB
  • SELAMAT Global Food Safety Network
  • International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST)


Dr. Siti Junaidi

President of BDAFST ,Brunei Darussalam

Dr. Kong Thong

President of CAFST,Cambodia

Prof. Umar Santoso

President of IAFT , Indonesia

Dr. Koh Yew Ming

President of MIFT, Malaysia

Mrs. Win Win Kyi

President of FoSTA, Myanmar

Dr. Lotis Francisco

President of PAFT, Philippines

Mr. Richard Khaw

President of SIFST, Singapore

Dr. Anadi Nitithamyong

President of FoSTAT, Thailand

Dr. Ngo Tien Hien

President of VAFOST, Vietnam

Dr. Viengxay Vansilalom


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